Right Wedges For Your Game

Improving wedge play is one of the fastest ways to lower your score. Sometimes improvement can be made simply by making sure you have the right wedges. There are a few important factors to choosing the correct wedges for your game.

  1. No more than a 4-5 degree loft difference between wedges. For example, you could carry a 48, 52, 56 and 60 degree wedge.
  2. Get a low bounce wedge if you play off tighter lies or pick the ball clean. A wedge that has 4 to 7 degrees of bounce is considered low bounce.
  3. Get a high bounce wedge if you tend to take deeper divots or play in softer conditions. A wedge with 14-16 degrees of bounce is considered high bounce.
  4. Wider sole wedges will add effective bounce to the club. These wedges would be best out of fluffy sand. Narrow sole wedges are best off tight lies.

It’s always a good idea to go through a wedge fitting and make sure you have what is right for your swing. You may even find that a variety of bounce is the best wedge solution for you. For example, carry a wedge with low bounce for shots off tight lies, and a wedge with high bounce for shots off soft grass or fluffy sand. This will give you some versatility around the greens.

When looking for new wedges you can normally identify the club’s loft and bounce without much trouble. The wedge pictured below lists both the loft and bounce of the club. The number 58 represents the degrees of loft, while the number 12 represents the amount of bounce. This wedge would be a good option in the bunker or playing from soft turf conditions. Get the right wedges for your game and you will make the game much easier.

58 degree wedge with 12 degree bounce