“I had been a 25 handicap for nearly 20 years. Today, after a few months of instruction from John Wagner, I am now an 11 handicap capable of shooting in the 70’s on a good day….and I’m having many more good days now!

With John, I got a serious professional instructor who is an excellent golfer personally. His style of teaching works with golfers of all levels. He tailored my lessons to easily absorbed segments for maximum retention and simplified practice. At the appropriate time we headed outdoors for sessions on a conveniently located practice facility and we’ve had a few playing lessons to test my progress in real conditions while working on course management.

Signing up with John has been the best investment I’ve made in my golf game. The results have been outstanding. If you are serious about improving your scoring and want to make a permanent difference in the quality of your game, then having John assess your swing and develop an instruction program for you will pay dividends.”

Lou Myers

“What I have appreciated most about John’s approach to teaching is that he has tailored the lessons to suit my game, my swing, and my goals, rather than treating me as just another student who gets the same lessons as everyone else.  The results have been tremendous and I have thoroughly enjoyed John both as a teacher and as a person.  I would highly recommend him to anyone that is serious about improving their golf game.”

Paul Kline

“John is an excellent teacher and very knowledgeable in all aspects of the golf swing.  He also is able to identify with issues specific to women’s swings and relates the golf fundamentals to their game as well as men’s.  I have achieved the initial goals I set with my swing and game improvement plan and now have been able to set even lower scoring goals.  I have eliminated 8 strokes off my handicap index!  My husband also now goes to John and has already eliminated 4 strokes off his index as well.  The video gives excellent feedback and confirmation as to the positive swing changes we have made.  John’s outdoor lessons solidify and complete the positive swing changes accomplished in the indoor lessons.  His instruction in outdoor lessons has greatly improved my short game and course management as well.  John is always very professional and personable and is easy to work with!”

Valerie Pearson

“Having played golf at a fairly high level over the years, including high school and college, my game had slowly deteriorated to the point where I needed some serious help.  John has been patient and knows how to convey the information provided by the technology into terms I could understand and apply to my swing.  My handicap has now dropped into the low single digits.  John doesn’t try to make me learn a programmed swing, he works with my natural ability to correct the fundamental mistakes I was making and gave me the drills to work on to reinforce the lessons.  It has been the best investment in my golf game I have ever made.”

Howard Hanger

“I was shooting consistently in the 100s.  I was thinking about giving up the game. John worked with me through the analysis breaking down every small portion of my swing and assuring me that he could fix it.  We started lessons on a weekly basis.  He started from the address and worked to the take away, then to the backswing and on and on and on.  Each lesson was small, but impactful.  John encouraged me, watched me, taught me!  He would say things in simple terms and give me simple drills to make a point. My index is now near 13 and I am hitting in the low 80s every once in a while.”

Scott Decker