A chip shot is a short shot played with a low trajectory. Most chip shots are hit within 10-15 yards of the green. Once you learn the proper club selection, setup and technique, you will be hitting chip shots with confidence.

Club Selection

Before choosing a club to chip with, consider where you want to land the ball and how much you need the ball to roll. When chipping with your more lofted clubs, like the lob wedge or sand wedge, the ball will roll only a short distance from where it lands. Your lower lofted clubs, like the 7 or 8-iron, will make the ball roll out more. If you are close to your target and only need the ball to roll a short distance, chip with a lob or sand wedge. When the hole is further away and you need the ball to roll back to the hole, chip with your 7 or 8-iron.


Setting up properly to a chip shot will help you make clean contact each time. Position your feet close together with your hands pressed forward. Your hands should be right in line with the pant crease of your lead leg (left leg for right-handed golfers). Your head should be slightly in front of the ball, putting most of your weight on the left foot. Grip down on the club to get closer to the ball. This will help with consistency. The picture to the right shows the proper setup for a chip shot.


The chip shot swing is very short, much like a putting stroke. The club should not swing above the level of your knees on the backswing or follow through. There should be no wrist action in the swing and your hands should stay ahead of the club through impact. The majority of your weight stays on your left foot throughout the shot. Turn your body a little to the target on the follow through to help keep your hands ahead of the club. If done properly, you should make a very small divot each time.