IMG_0111John believes all golfers need to be coached, not just on the swing, but in all aspects of the game. This is how  students will reach their full potential and achieve their goals. He teaches based on personal experience, not from theory. His golf experience includes training under two of the top instructors in the world, and playing competitively for 15 years.  John’s ultimate goal for every student is for them to fully understand their swing and what happens in their swing. With this understanding, students can begin to make changes during lessons and practice sessions, and will develop the ability to self diagnose issues on the golf course. Being able to get back on track after a bad swing is a huge part of becoming a better golfer. This is one of John’s main goals for all his students: understand your swing and be able to make corrections when necessary.

In his coaching, John offers swing evaluations, swing training, putting, short game and playing lessons. He firmly believes improvement in all aspects of the game is critical to reaching your full potential. In the first lesson, John will help you set short term and long term goals, prioritize aspects of your game that need improvement and lay out a game plan for improvement.

The most important shot in golf is the next one.Ben Hogan