More Consistent Swing

The most common goal I hear from golfers is “I want more consistency hitting the ball.” This is a great goal and one that will help lead to lower scores. The first step to gain consistency is learning about your swing. You need to know the good and bad about your swing. Have your swing evaluated and learn exactly what happens in your swing and why you hit certain shots. You must understand your swing first before you make any changes to it. And yes, you will have to make changes to it if you want to get different results.

Any changes made to your swing should be done in the proper sequence with a focus on addressing one thing at a time. This is the job of the coach to prioritize which areas to address first and then guide you through making those changes. As the student, you need to understand that it will take time to make certain changes in your swing. This is all part of the process. Once you have made changes to your swing and understand what is happening in your swing, it is easy to analyze shots and make self corrections on the course. This will allow you to get back on track swinging the club properly and more consistently.