Pitch Shot

A pitch shot is a short shot played with a higher trajectory. Pitch shots are normally played with your higher lofted wedges, like the lob or sand wedge. As a result of the higher lofted club and higher trajectory, a pitch shot does not roll as much as a chip shot. You may hit a pitch shot from anywhere between 20-60 yards.

When setting up to a pitch shot you should narrow your stance just slightly. Ball position can vary based on the trajectory you want to hit the shot. Play the ball in the middle of your stance for a normal trajectory, forward (towards the left foot for right-handed golfers) in your stance for a higher trajectory and back in your stance for a lower trajectory.

Start your backswing with your shoulders and hinge your wrists based on how far you need to hit the shot. Short pitch shots should have minimal wrist hinge, while longer pitch shots can have more of a normal wrist hinge. As you swing down to the ball your weight should move to your left foot with your hips and chest turning to the target. Finish with almost all your weight on your left foot and your hips and chest facing the target.